I often refer to the following practitioners because I have found their exceptional work, moves patients forward on the journey to health. All of these women work off site, except Kate Gorman, who has office hours at the New Hartford Naturopathic Health Center.


Kathy Beach, MS, ATC
Collinsville, CT

(860) 463-7179
Kathy is a master at designing individualized diets for my patients to address many different issues including weight loss, chronic inflammation, recovery from cancer and fatigue. She follows through by coaching patients how to work this way of eating into their lifestyles.

Anne Doyle, LMT
New Hartford, CT

(860) 738-2383
Anne has been a massage therapist since 1998. She uses very effective subtle to deep tissue work to address orthopedic conditions and musculoskeletal pain. She has helped many patients I’ve sent to her, including myself.

Leslie Gordon
Canton, CT

(860) 970-4944
Leslie excels at teaching “Yoga for Every Body”. She specializes in therapeutic yoga for many conditions, including osteoporosis and arthritis. Leslie and I have read the research which supports the evidence I’ve seen in my practice that women who do yoga have and maintain better bone density. Together we teach seminars that incorporate DXA bone density interpretation, supplementation, nutrition and yoga to improve women’s skeletal bone health.

Kate Gorman, LCSW
New Hartford, CT

(860) 371-9205
Kate offers her unique form of cognitive psychotherapy that combines traditional and holistic aspects. She works with adults and children dealing with anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, cancer, MS, past trauma and many other concerns. Myself and many of my patients have had the experience of even a few sessions with Kate, can clear old and new psychological blocks that have changed our emotional lives. Kate sees patients at The New Hartford Naturopathic Health Center and accepts most insurance. She offers a free initial phone consult.

Julie Palmer
Barkhamsted, CT

(860) 379-7197 "meet Julianne”
Julie is an artist, art teacher and shaman. For the past two decades, she has studied with Peruvian shamans, learning practices and ritual to honor the earth and her people. She works with individuals using ancient ceremonies to energize and clarify their journey to health and wholeness.

Rootz Organic Salon
Collinsville, CT

(860) 693-8173
Owner, Jenn Gero and her crew of lovely stylists provide gentle, innovative less toxic options for healthier hair care.

Michelle Sutton
West Hartford, CT

(860) 521-8831
Michelle is a yoga teacher and colon therapist. She is the director and a practitioner at the Colonic Institute of West Hartford which offers colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna treatments, therapeutic foot baths and other modalities to aid the body in detoxification and healing.

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