• Courtesy 5 minute initial phone consults for prospective patients
  • Gentle and thorough gynecological physicals that include annual breast exams, pelvic floor evaluation, bi-annual PAP tests as indicated, and mammogram order as appropriate.
  • General physical exams and annual lab work for wellness, work or school.
  • Specific lab work with computer analyzed “Blood Chemistry” to indicate deficiencies and imbalances.
  • Individualized clinical nutrition /diet/ supplements unique to the patient’s health concern.

  • Natural hormone balancing of the thyroid, adrenals and reproductive systems.
  • Testing, interpretation, and diet for food allergies
    and sensitivities.
  • Detoxification program- diet and supplement plan to support full body cleansing.
  • Customized herbal medicines, tinctures and salves.
  • Fitting for leather orthotics for foot, knee, hip and spine support and stabilization.
  • Provider of Naturopathica organic skin care products for face and body.